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Can You Get A Flu Shot When You Have A Cold?

Getting a flu shot is very important during the winter months. Our immune systems get weaker and we’re more susceptible to catching the flu. But what happens if you get a cold? Can you still get your flu shot or do you have to wait until you’ve beaten your cold?

When You Should Go To A Flu Clinic in Calgary

If you have a mild cold, you’re okay to visit your local flu shot clinic in Calgary and get vaccinated. Most people will have no issues with the flu shot while being sick with the cold. At most, you may feel a little more lethargic since your immune system is reacting to the flu shot.

When You Shouldn’t Go To A Flu Clinic in Calgary

But there are cases where you shouldn’t go get a flu shot. If you have a really bad cold, then you probably want to avoid getting a flu shot until you’ve recovered. A serious cold with fever is the perfect example of when you should not get a flu shot. But if you have postnasal drip, coughing, and sore throat, you should be fine.

If you’re worried about catching the flu because you are surrounded by a lot of people on a regular basis, visit your flu shot clinic in Calgary and ask about nasal spray vaccines. This is an alternative form of a flu shot. It’s weaker than the regular flu shot. If you’re a little under the weather and worried about the shot, it’s a valid choice.


Some Facts To Know

You have to be aware of the facts. Studies show that getting a flu shot when you have a mild illness doesn’t result in you getting sicker. If you are worried, you do have the choice to wait until recovery.

Until you fully recover, you can still protect yourself from the flu by using medical masks. These masks help decrease the risk of you catching the flu. It’s a great way to protect your immune system until you recover from your cold. You often see these masks worn in Asia where travelers are trying their best to avoid getting sick while in airports and airplanes.

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