How to Produce More Breast Milk When Pumping

After your newborn, breast pumping usually becomes a necessity. While this isn’t true for all mothers, for most, the addition of a breast pump rental in Calgary makes the process easier and reduces the costs. Thankfully, breast pumping is a natural part of the giving birth process, and many find great joy in the act.

However, sometimes difficulties occur when pumping enough milk. This issue can cause problems with feeding your newborn and may require a formula substitution. Additionally, if you are planning to produce extra breast milk to donate to a milk bank, production problems can have an even more significant effect.

Luckily, there are ways to produce more milk and more consistently as well. For some tips to consider, please continue reading.


Tips for Extra Breast Milk Pump Production

Pump in the Morning

One of the best ways to increase your breast milk production is through pumping in the morning. Many women feel their breasts are full in the morning, so after feeding, make sure you take some time to empty the milk stores fully. In fact, whenever you feed, you should attempt to drain all milk, triggering your body’s natural response and increasing milk production. 

Eat Throughout the Day

Eating throughout the day is also critical to your pumping success. When your body feels tired or malnourished, it will not produce extra milk in an attempt to keep you healthy. For a convenient way to stay fed throughout the day, consider packing some snacks just for mommy. 

Use Both Sides

A critical error, especially in the early months, is favouring one side. Yes, this might feel better or reduce the pain around the nipple, but it will also affect your breast milk production. Instead, alternate your feeding side regularly, and ensure you use both breasts during pumping, as supply allows.

Power Pump

Power pumping is a great way to increase your milk production in the earliest stages. For this method, simply pump after each feeding until your breasts feel empty. Again, this will trigger a response from your body to produce more milk, and that will gradually increase through repetition.

Breast Massage

The final way for you to produce more breast milk is through breast massage. Consider speaking with a nursing coach about great methods, but remember the relevant part of the procedure is to remove any remaining milk. This process can be tricky at first, but with enough practice, you will be utilizing your breast pump rental in Calgary to the fullest.

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