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The Dangers Of Improperly Compounded Medications

 Compounded medications are those meds that have been mixed or in other ways altered to maximize benefits for patients. Unfortunately, there are sometimes serious dangers involved when medications are not properly compounded. 

The medication becomes overly diluted

 Compounding drugs sometimes involves removing components that the patient cannot physically have. Certain medications may include ingredients that cause allergic reactions or unwanted side effects. If these ingredients are unnecessary for the drug’s effectiveness they can be removed as part of the compounding process. A pharmacist or chemist that is not highly trained in compounding may remove too much from the medication, making it diluted to the point that it is no longer effective for treating the ailment. When seeking a compounding pharmacy in Calgary residents should ensure they use a pharmacy that has the necessary skills to properly compound drugs.

Compounding Pharmacy Calgary

A non-sterile compounding pharmacy can lead to illness

 The science of compounding requires an area that is completely sterile. Any foreign particles can lead to disease, infection and even death. Any compounding pharmacy in Calgary residents use should carefully follow regulations that govern compounding pharmaceuticals. You may wish to contact your pharmacist to learn exactly what protocols they follow during the process. Any Calgary pharmacy should be willing to discuss how they keep you safe and healthy. If your pharmacy refuses to answer your questions, it may be time to move on.

Compounded medications can cause side effects

 As with any medication, compounded meds can lead to unwanted side effects. You should discuss the possibility of these side effects with your physicians before the compounded medication is prescribed. You can also discuss the possibility of side effects with the pharmacist. Both your physician and the pharmacist should be able to talk about the appropriate dosages and expected effects of the drug. They should also be able to give you some warning signs to look out for as you are taking these compounded medications. Though it can make you feel uneasy to take a medication that has been mixed in a non-standard way, you should note that the compounded medication has been prescribed to you for a reason. If your physician believes this is the best choice for you, it probably is.

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