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What Are Compound Medications?

We pride ourselves on being a compounding pharmacy in Calgary, but sometimes it feels like people don’t realize the beneficial nature of this title. We consider this a shame because we believe that you should know all the options available to achieve your optimal health and wellness. Therefore, today you can learn about the many benefits that compound medication offers, as well as the common uses and benefits of this type of drug administration. 

What are Compound Medications?

Compound medications are a specific mix of two or more ingredients for the use of an individual patient. These mixtures must be prescribed by a doctor and mixed by a Calgary compounding pharmacy.

Why Do People Use Compound Medications?

There are several reasons for your doctor to prescribe a compound medication. For example, getting children to take large, dry capsules can be difficult, so a compound medication with artificial flavouring or a gel cap might be prescribed to ease the process. Below, we have provided a list of the most common reasons for compounding medications:

  • Allergies to specific dyes or ingredients
  • Difficulty with the dosage or form of medication
  • Flavouring for children or adults to ease digestion
  • Treatment of multiple health concerns
  • Customizing the strength or efficacy
  • Exclusion of an unwanted ingredient (gluten, lactose, etc.)


Who Uses the Service of a Calgary Compounding Pharmacy?

Anyone can benefit from the services of a compounding pharmacy. We create formulations for children, adults and the elderly for all sorts of reasons. However, you should always talk with your doctor before investigating compound medications. When you try to forego this critical step, there can be safety, effectiveness and quality concerns. Plus, pharmacies will not formulate compound medications without a prescription.

Can All Pharmacies Combine Medications?

No, not all pharmacies can create compound medications. Typically, any pharmacy can create simple mixtures, such as a prescription mouthwash with an antacid, antihistamine and numbing agent. However, for more complex mixtures, you will require the services of a complete compounding pharmacy. 

Learn More About Calgary Compounding Pharmacies Today

If you would like to learn more about all of the great services available at your local compounding pharmacy, stop by for a visit. We look forward to hearing from you and providing relevant information to help you achieve your best health and wellness!

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