Why You Have to Wait to Get Your COVID Vaccine After Getting COVID

Your COVID Shot at Flu Shot Clinics in Calgary

After you have contracted a COVID-19 infection, you might wonder when you can get your first vaccine, a second dose, or a booster shot to better protect yourself from getting it again–which occurs more frequently than you think. Although some may believe that you’re immune to COVID-19 after fully recovering from it, such immunity is fleeting and will only give you an extra layer of protection for a few weeks to a couple of months at a time. To completely secure yourself from getting infected by COVID again, you should consider getting better protected by receiving a COVID vaccine and booster dose, but how long should you wait before getting the vaccine? 

Find out everything you need to know about getting a vaccine from your local flu shot clinics in Calgary after your COVID infection recovery and the plethora of benefits from the vaccines and boosters. 

Why you still need a vaccine after COVID recovery

After you have been infected with COVID and have fully recovered, there is a short period where you receive better immunity from contracting the infection again. This period of time only lasts a mere few weeks to a couple months before you’re liable to get COVID again. Because COVID infections are surging during periods of the year, and new variants begin to emerge, it is important to keep up with your COVID vaccinations to make sure you’re thoroughly protected from it. Every time you get reinfected with COVID, your chances of experiencing complications deriving from the infection, such as high blood pressure and chronic headaches, begins to increase, which can be avoided when getting your vaccines. 

How long does immunity from COVID last?

Generally, immunity from COVID after you’ve been infected depends on certain factors, such as age and whether or not the individual infected already has a weakened immune system. But typically, immunity after COVID can last upwards of three months before it will wane, and you’ll become more at risk of contact with the infection again. For variants like some of the Omnicron sub-variants, immunity only extends to 30 days. The best way to receive well-rounded and long-lasting immunity from the virus is to obtain all your vaccines from your local flu shot clinics in Calgary. 

How long should you wait to get vaccinated after recovery

Waiting times to get your vaccinations after you recover from COVID will ultimately vary from person to person. It remains a general point to wait until you’re fully recovered from COVID, your isolation period has ceased, and you’re no longer contagious to get a vaccination or booster. Other experts maintain that you should wait three months from when you recover to get the vaccine to receive the optimal immunity response. Though if your immune system is weakened or you are at an advanced age, it is best to get the COVID vaccine as soon as you fully recover. 


The benefits of getting the COVID vaccine are plenty as you can increase your chances of not getting any breakthrough infections, lower your risk of serious disease that stems from a COVID-19 infection, and you can do your part to halt the spread of a contagious virus such as COVID. 

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