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The Effects of Hot Weather on the Body

How heat can affect your body and tips on staying cool this summer

With the summer here many Calgarians take full advantage of the festivities, outdoor fun and of course, the sunshine. Summer brings a lot of additional things with it, but not all are always positive. Things such as common illnesses, allergies and heat can all affect your health in a negative way if certain precautions aren’t taken. In order to help  keep you safe this summer here’s everything you need about how the heat can affect your body and some tips on keeping cool

How heat and hot weather can affect your body

When the weather is hot, this can affect our bodies in many ways. The combination of heat from the environment in tandem with our naturally produced internal body heat can compromise the body’s ability to regulate temperature and can cause common illnesses such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and more. This only exacerbates the importance of being cautious with what activities you are doing and how long you are staying outside. 

One of the reactive responses to heat your body will take is sweating. This is your body’s natural cooling system, as sweat is pushed out onto the surface of your skin, it will evaporate into the air to draw heat away and attempt to cool your body down. 

But this response can have a negative effect if you aren’t hydrated enough. When it’s especially hot and you begin to sweat profusely, you can actually sweat away too much fluid and essential minerals like sodium and potassium. Dehydration and prolonged heat exposure can lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion so it’s important to aid your body in cooling off by something that is balanced with salt and sugar, heading to a cool place and resting. 

Tips for staying cool in hot weather

Drink plenty of water

Since dehydration is a major risk and can act like a catalyst for other heat related illnesses. It’s important to make sure that you’re drinking water or something that can replace some of the nutrients your body needs. 

Eat small meals, avoid foods that are high in protein

Salty and protein rich foods can produce metabolic heat when being digested and cause water loss. Smaller meals throughout the day will help keep you cooler.

Dress appropriately and wear sunscreen

Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing to help your body cool off. Wearing sunscreen will help you avoid sunburn while also helping you remain cool when in direct sunlight and heat. 

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