As flu season comes around, you have to think about getting a flu shot. Doctors recommend flu shots to protect you from the flu, but is it actually worth it? Are you worried that you will get sick after the flu shot? Here is the bottom line before visiting a flu shot clinic in SW Calgary.

The Flu Shot Does Not Give You the Flu

Some people believe that the flu shot can give them the flu. This simply is not true. Most flu vaccines do not work this way. The flu vaccine uses a deactivated virus to deliver immunity. There is no way for this to cause an actual infection. However, the flu shot is never totally effective. Therefore, it is still possible to get the flu shot and get the flu. However, the flu shot can provide a critical layer of protection.

You May Experience Mild Symptoms After the Flu Shot

It is true that you may experience some mild symptoms after visiting a flu shot clinic in SW Calgary. Most of the time, these symptoms include redness or soreness at the injection site. You may also experience muscle aches or headaches. For the vast majority of people, these symptoms are mild and can be managed at home.

Nurse gives flu vaccine to senior adult patient at clinic.

Serious Side Effects Are Extremely Rare

As with any medication, a flu shot can be linked to more serious reactions. These reactions are not related to the flu at all. Instead, you may experience an allergic reaction to the vaccine. If this occurs, you will have difficulty breathing or break out into hives after your stop at a flu shot clinic in SW Calgary. Allergic reactions are exceptionally uncommon, but if you exhibit such symptoms, seek care immediately.

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