There are many supplements for your digestive health. However, two options that are especially intriguing are probiotics and prebiotics. While these two things sound very similar, they are actually quite distinct. Each one serves a unique role in your body, and you need both in order to feel and look your best. Understanding the difference between probiotics and prebiotics is important. You need to know if either supplement is right for your health. Therefore, take some time to look at the key distinctions. Then, you can visit your favorite pharmacy in SW Calgary to get the right supplement today.

They Both Behave Differently In Your Digestive System

The most important difference is the way these supplements act in your digestive system. Prebiotics are a type of fiber. Prebiotics are not digested in your stomach, and they pass through to your large colon. Here, prebiotics are fermented for a variety of health benefits. Probiotics, by contrast, are live bacteria. Unlike some bacteria, probiotics are beneficial. They also live in your gut. These supplements are distinct in their function, but probiotics and prebiotics work in harmony for your health. Prebiotics are often necessary to support the growth of probiotics.

They Are Found In Different Foods

Because probiotics and prebiotics have a different function in your gut, it is no surprise that they can be found in very different foods. Prebiotics are a fiber found in the parts of foods that are not able to be digested. In other words, you will find prebiotics in the skin of apples, onions, beans and chicory root. Probiotics are found in fermented foods. This includes yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and miso soup. It is important to balance your diet with foods from both categories. You can also find prebiotic and probiotic supplements at your favorite pharmacy in SW Calgary.

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They Are Used To Treat Different Conditions

Each supplement has its own benefits, which means they can be used to treat different digestive problems. Some people take probiotics to control yeast infections. These supplements are also recommended after a course of antibiotics in order to repopulate the gut with good bacteria. Prebiotics are widely encouraged to support weight management, digestive regularity and overall digestive health. They can even be used for improved immunity, increased bone density and brain health. To learn more about what probiotics and prebiotics can do for you, be sure to visit your pharmacy in SW Calgary.

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