As winter makes its way to Alberta, so does the flu.

This year will prove to be a more difficult year than expected due to the addition of COVID-19, and the striking similarities between the two flu-like diseases. 

The question is now raised: should you get the flu shot? And if so, when? 

This blog breaks down the importance of the flu shot and when you should get it. 

Why Get The Shot At Our Flu Shot Clinic? 

Many people today ignore the importance of the flu shot. However, doing so, can result in them getting severely ill with the virus. People can experience an infection of the nose, throat, and lungs, and can lead to complications such as pneumonia. In Canada alone, close to 3,500 people die per year. 

But why would you get the flu vaccine if you got it last year? Well, the flu is constantly changing, with new strains appearing every season. Therefore, getting the flu vaccine ensures you are protected against the virus for that particular season. 

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Alberta Health Services states that every individual, six months and older, should have the influenza vaccine, to prevent it spreading. To make it even better, the vaccine at our flu clinic in SW Calgary, is free as it is covered by Alberta Health Care. 

When Should I Get The Flu Shot? 

According to a statement from the Public Health Agency of Canada, they suggest that the best time of year would be November, as the shot becomes available. 

The vaccine at our flu clinic in SW Calgary will be available from October 21st. 

This is the ideal time to get the flu shot as it before the winter season really kicks-off and the growth of the flu spreading across the Province. The sooner you get it, the more protected you will be in the long-run, especially because flu season tends to calm down as spring arrives. 

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